Studio Tobiana

We have a soft spot for stones

Nature, hiking, history, sunsets, sunrises and stars


Located right in the center of the town, you can find the famous "Cafe Azuz" restaurant with great food, a wonderful atmosphere, and live music!

The menu includes French crepes, soups, salads, and more, all made from fresh local ingredients.

Contact Eyal Tuvol at 054-422-6330 or by email.


Organic Farm for Cheese and Goats

The organic farm for cheese and goats was founded by the Pride family, early settlers in Azuz, in 1984.

This impressive farm offers a variety of handmade organic goat cheeses in various shapes.

From the farm and factory store, you can buy and order cheeses (by appointment) and enjoy a breathtaking view.

The store is open by appointment only! Contact Cilia Friede at 054-4655588.

Ceramics Studio with Shahaf Gibon

Shahaf Gibon is a talented artist and graduate of "Bezalel" who runs a ceramics studio with workshops for adults, children, and families.

Experience creating pottery with stones, sculpting with clay, and working with your hands, all while taking in the breathtaking scenery of the Negev desert.

To get in touch:

Shahar Gibon - 0542224908

Crazy and Fast Sandboarding Activity at the Dunes of Be'er Milca

Enjoy an exhilarating and fast sandboarding activity at the dunes of Be'er Milca. Relax afterwards with some coffee or herbal tea on the deck. Please arrange in advance.

Contact Efran
Contact Liran

Shirat Hamidbar Farm - Organic Herb and Spice Farm and Soap-Making Workshops

Located between Be'er Milka and Nahal Lavan, you will find this charming organic farm nestled in pastoral surroundings. Golan Cohen will be delighted to tell you about the creation process of aromatic oils, beauty products, and organic skincare products from nature!

          Here, you can make your own aromatic herbal soap!

          To get in touch:

          Golan Cohen - 0527021650 

The Maze

The Maze is a natural sculpture made by a local sculptor named Benci Mtsliah. It is entirely made of local stones and is a source of enjoyment for the whole family. Try to find your way to the center!


In the Beerotayim forest, you can find ancient walls from the days of Moses and Aaron, a unique giant oak tree, a picnic area, and an ancient Roman bath.

Contact Han Be'erotiim at 08-6555788 or 050-889-8129 for information about camel tours.

In Nitzana, you can find a heated indoor swimming pool powered by solar electricity open every day of the year.

In Nitzana, you can find a heated indoor swimming pool powered by solar electricity open every day of the year. You can also find an exhibition of mosaic art at the regional recycling complex.

You can visit "Tel Nitzana," where you will find ancient ruins from the days of Turkish rule, which were occupied by the British after World War I, the Turkish railway tracks, and the old Byzantine church.

The Nitsana Hillocks are a stunning spot filled with natural white sandstone. You can find yourself standing in a white and clean dream filled with natural patterns and crystals, with a view of the Sinai Mountains.

Craft workshops

In the workshop, we will try out different materials from nature, create and weave for our enjoyment. Advance registration in a message, children under 10 accompanied by an adult 0548307944, call to arrange, Noga.

Shivta Nabeatan village

Nabatiyah village heritage and memory of Nabateans/Byzantines from ancient times, an ancient city on the Incense Route.

The site is on the UNESCO World Heritage list Open every day with free admission! Highly recommended.

Forging workshop

To get in touch: 

Gilboa Golan - 0528039312 

Jeep Tours

Jeep tours with Gilboa Golan, a certified local tour guide, offers jeep tours! Come on an adventure in the desert to explore the Negev from new angles, from the mountains up or from hidden and unique sites. He is knowledgeable in Bible stories and can take you upon request to amazing historical places.

To get in touch: 

Gilboa Golan - 0528039312 

Bicycle rental

Rent a bike!

Explore the amazing Negev desert.

To get in touch:

Gilboa Golan - 0528039312

Taste of the desert

Taste of the Desert is a restaurant on wheels that travels throughout the country. They provide catering and event services, group accommodations, and have a restaurant in the Nitzana Gateway. For more information, contact Nir at 054-422-8731.

Kadesh Barnea.

For local wine and honey, Thai dishes, and ice cream, visit the grocery store in Kadesh Barnea (open also on Saturdays). For exact hours, call 08-657-1418. The local swimming pool in Kadesh Barnea is open (entrance fee of 25 NIS) from the week of Shavuot until Sukkot.

Kadesh Barnea also includes the honey store "House of Honey," operated by the beekeeper himself, as well as the local wine deals from "Kadesh Barnea Wineries"http://www.kbw.co.il/ , http://www.rnwinery.co.il/).

Ancient Rock Sculptures

The Tobiana Studio is located just a stone's throw away from these ancient rock sculptures! This site has been preferred for significant events such as weddings and tribal agreements by the local residents long before the Bronze Age. See if you can find the sculpture of Moses with the Ten Commandments.

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