Attractions in & around Ezuz

Please note, the nearest gas station is at Tlalim Junction (50 KM)

Stars over Ezuz

The former star observatory next to the ceramic studio and overlooking the Beerotayim parc. The sky is the limit at nights in Ezuz. We have no (city) lights so you can enjoy the maximum of the stars. Especially in mid august with the star showers wishes come true.

Right in the center of the village you can find the famous Cafe EzUz for pizza, great atmosphere and (often) live music!


The menu includes French crepes, soups, salads etc.. all made from fresh ingredients from local farms!


Contact Eyal Tubul at 054-422-6330 or

Organic Cheese and Goat Farm

The local goat farm was built by the Friede family, Ezuz pioneers, in 1984. Divine organic goat cheese is available for purchase at the rustic train wagon store. An "Out of Africa" view at the terrace.


Store open by appointment only ! Contact Celia Friede at 054-465-5588.

Ceramic Studio and Workshop שחף גיבון

Talented Israeli Art School Betzalel graduate offers pottery wheel workshops for children and adults with gallery! All this along the stunning view to the Moses and Abraham oasis and the stargazers amphitheater!


Contact Shahar Givon at 054-222-4908 or see her Facebook page for more details:

שירת המדבר Herb Farm and Soap Making Workshop

Next to Nachal Lavan and Be'er Milca you will find this wonderful organic farm. Golan Cohen loves to explain the creation of herbal essential oils, beauty and health products. Here you can make your own herbal soap!


Contact Golan Cohen at 052-702-1650 or visit

The Labyrinth

Created by the local sculpturer, Benzi Matsliach, the Labyrinth is fun for old and young! Try to get to the middle!


Ancient Rock Carvings

 Studio Tobiana is a stone throw away from these ancient rock carvings! This site has been witness for mayor events like engagements and tribal agreements from the local civilizations since long before bronze age. See if you can find the carving of Moses holding the ten commandments ?! 

Beerotaim בארותיים

Beerotayim Hursha features the biblical wells of Moshe and Aharon, large "Eshel" Tamarisk trees, picnic area and Roman bath.


Contact Gan Beerotayim at 08-6555788 or 050-889-8129 for information about camel trips.

Nitzana ניצנה

Nitzana features an indoor solar heated swimming pool open all year round and a mosaic exposition in the recycle center! Tel Nitzana is where you can find ruins of the old Turkish hospital conquered by the English in WWI, the Turkish railroad water reservoir, and the Byzantine church. 


Hamukei Nitsana/Nitsana Hillocks offer moon like landscapes with smooth, white calcium hills with many fossils and crystal to be found. It also has a viewpoint to the newly built Sinai border fence.

Kadesh Barnea קדש ברנע

For local Wine and Honey, Thai specialties and ice cream, go to the grocery store in Kadesh Barnea (even open on shabbat). For exact hours call: 08-657-1418. The local swimming pool in Kadesh Barnea is open (entree 25 שייח) from Shavuot until Succot. 


Kadesh ( Nitsana Sinai )also features the Beit Hadvash honey shop and exhibition guided by the bee-keeper himself! And the Kadesh Barnea Winery



Neve Midbar נווה מדבר

Large spa, natural springs, swimming pools and picnic garden can be found in Neve Midbar. It's fun for the whole family! Located off of road 211, Revivim Junction before Moatsa Ramat ha Negev. 


For more information call 08-6579666 or visit

Shivta Nabatean Village שפטה

Ancient remains of the prominant Nabatean/Byzantine city on the Spice Route, on the UNESCO World Heritage list! Open everyday and free entrance. A must see if you are in the area !

Jeep Tours by Gilboa Golan

Highly qualified local guide offers jeep tours! An adventurous way to discover the Negev mountains' hidden treasures. He specializes in Biblical tours!


Contact Gilboa Golan at 052-803-9312.

Bike Rentals

Use bikes to explore the expansive Negev desert. Challenge yourself with the Ezuz singles trail ! 


Contact Adi Topper at 054-736-6306 for more details.

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